8 WordPress Tricks You May Not Know About

WordPress Tricks » 8 WordPress Tricks You May Not Know About8 WordPress Tricks You May Not Know About | Everyone who uses WordPress has their own way of using it and knows it more or less well.

Installing plugins, changing themes, publishing articles or creating content is something you do every day and with a really short learning curve.

But WordPress has many functions that we don’t use regularly even though they are at a glance. Simply because of ignorance or because we use third-party solutions. Let’s see 8 of those tricks for WordPress that you may not know.

1 – Edit Images from the Media Library

That’s right, from WordPress we have the option to edit images in a basic way.

You just need to access the media library, open an image and click on Edit Image.

WordPress Tricks » image edit wordpress

This will take us to a section where we can crop the images, flip them or resize them. Directly from our WordPress without having to download the image, open it in a PhotoShop type program and upload it again.

2 – Display Options

You may see this every day and have never paid any attention to it. If you go into the WordPress dashboard, at the top right you’ll see a link to Display Options.

WordPress Tricks » Display Options wordpress tricks

From here we can manage what is displayed on each screen. In the Desktop we can select which blocks we want to be active and which not.

WordPress Tricks » Display Options wordpress tricks2

But it does not end there, because the display options change depending on which WordPress administration site we are in.

If we open a new entry and go to the display options we will see that the options shown are different, as well as in the media library, users, etc…

3 – Keyboard Shortcuts in the Visual Editor

Some time ago keyboard shortcuts came to WordPress to edit text as we do in Word type programs but perhaps you do not know all the options they offer.

Let’s review what you can do with the keyboard shortcuts in the visual editor of WordPress

– Ctrl + C: copy
– Ctrl + v: paste
– Ctrl+x: cut
– Ctrl+a: select all
– Ctrl+z: undo
– Ctrl+y: Redo
– Ctrl+b: Bold
– Ctrl + I: italic
– Ctrl+u: underline
– CTRL + K: Insert or edit link
– Alt + Shift + N: Spell checker but needs plugin
– Alt + Shift + L: Align Left
– Alt + Shift + R: Align Right
– Alt + Shift + C: Align Center
– Alt + Shift + J: Justify Text
– Alt + Shift + D: Strikethrough text
– Alt + Shift + U: Period
– Alt + Shift + O: Numeric List
– Alt + Shift + A: Insert link
– Alt + Shift + S: Remove link
– Alt + Shift + Q: Blockquote
– Alt + Shift + M: Insert Image
– Alt + Shift + W: Full Screen
– Alt + Shift + T: Insert Tag
– Alt + Shift + P: Page Break Tag
– Alt + Shift + X: Add or Remove «code» Tag
– Alt + Shift + 1: H1
– Alt + Shift + 2: H2
– Alt + Shift + 3: H3
– Alt + Shift + 4: H4
– Alt + Shift + 5: H5
– Alt + Shift + 6: H6
– Alt + Shift + 9: H
– Alt + Shift + H: Help

WordPress Tricks » shortcuts keyboard wordpress

4 – The Hidden Options Page

You may have ever had to deal with the options.php file.

How do you normally access it? Well, you have to log into cPanel to access phpMyAdmin, find the WordPress installation you want to edit and locate the wp-options.php file.

WordPress Tricks » option hidden page wordpress

Or we can also type in the browser:


This will open the hidden options page without having to log into cPanel and phpMyAdmin.

WordPress Tricks » options hidden page wordpress2

5 – Markdown codes in the Visual Editor

If you do a lot of writing, you may have tried writing using Markdown code.

WordPress Tricks » markdown trick wordpress

It is very easy to learn and has the particularity that you do not need to remove your hands from the keyboard to add bold, create lists, add links and any of the usual actions when editing text.

The downside is that you need an external program and then export it to add it to the WordPress editor, and when you go back to the classic text editor, you miss the Markdown.

But for some time now, some of these options have been added to the visual editor that you can use on a daily basis if you know the commands. (Quotes don’t count)

• “-“: Start a list
• “1)”: Start numbered list
• ##: H 2
• ###: H 3
• ####: H 4
• #####: H 5
• ######: H 6
• “>:”: Create quote
• “———”: Horizontal line (3 presses of the dash)

6 – Change the Permanent Link

This is very simple. If we create an article, WordPress takes care of creating the permalink, but if we then change our mind about the title, the permalink remains with the old title.

To change this we just need to click Edit on the permalink, delete it and click OK.

WordPress Tricks » Change the Permanent Link

This will change the permalink to the new title.

We can also use it to remove the ‘of’, ‘and’, ‘the’, etc… if our permalink is too long and we want to shorten it for positioning reasons.

7 – Use Cut and Paste with YouTube Videos

When YouTube became popular a lot of plugins appeared in WordPress that were used to embed videos in blogs.

For some time now they are no longer necessary since copying the URL of the video we want to add in our article and pasting it in the visual editor will be enough.

It is true that plugins offer more features but we are talking about maximum simplicity, just copy and paste!

WordPress Tricks » copy paste wordpress

And it is also valid for Vimeo videos, tweets, etc…

8 – Creating Links Using Control-V

WordPress Tricks » Creating Links Using Control VThis trick only works since WordPress versions 4.5 and is very addictive.

If you want to add a text link just copy the link, select the text and paste the link using Control-V.

This will be enough to add the link and we will see a cogwheel if we want to add or edit something else.

A very simple but very interesting trick.

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